Concepts for existing properties

As an owner, you want to know how profitable your properties are – after all, a large part of your assets are tied up in them.

The BOSSELER ABEKING portfolio analysis will provide you with reliable information here. We examine your property portfolio, determine its profit potential and check the value of your portfolio in comparison with other properties nearby. If necessary, we offer you a restructuring concept, on the basis of which you can modernise your property so that it becomes profitable. As part of a portfolio analysis, we also scrutinise your rental incomes, focusing on the question of how far the current rental income reflects the quality of the building.

To discover what your vision for the future is, a discussion with us, as an independent professional partner can be helpful and save time. If you wish, we can propose interesting additions to your portfolio or recommend the sale of particular properties. Optimising your property portfolio is the aim of our soundly based strategy consultancy service. Because your property portfolio is unique and calls for a made-to-measure strategy.