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Munich in Detail

The charm of Munich lies in the diversity of its various districts. Even today, it is possible to discern what was the city, what was a suburb or village, and where settlements planned on the drawing board have grown up. And as a property location too, every district, every quarter has its own individual face. With München im Detail (Munich in Detail), we provide a complete collection of the Munich's street plans, showing each city district with clear boundaries. The shape and layout of individual sites and their relative size can be clearly seen. We have also drawn in the parks and gardens, street names and undeveloped areas. In this way, you can have a complete overview of the different sizes and development densities of each part of Munich and of the development and area potential of individual quarters.

Available in A3 format for € 500 incl. postage, plus VAT.

Here you can have a little preview: München im Detail

Real Estate Report Altstadt / Lehel

The second volume of our Munich Property Report series is devoted to Altstadt-Lehel, the number 1 district in the Bavarian regional capital. The publication covers primarily the property in the district, its various quarters and individual streets. The book provides extensive statistics and a host of facts and figures. In addition, the growth, history and culture of Munich's core and its first suburb are also included. An ideal aid to decision-making for potential buyers, with street plans of the individual quarters.

Available for € 28,50 incl. postage plus VAT.

Here you can have a little preview: Real Estate Report Altstadt/Lehel

Encounters in Munich

A kaleidoscope of stories and anecdotes from the capital of Bavaria is featured in the volume of portraits Begegnungen in Munich (Encounters in Munich). The book shows the artists, clerics and crowned heads of state who populated the streets and districts around the Frauenkirche and Hofbräuhaus. It describes the places where famous politicians, unknown beauties and strange eccentrics could have met. The book contains a wealth of photographs, portraits and quotes, providing an insight into the history of Munich in a colourful picture of a multifaceted city.

Available for € 28.50 incl. postage plus VAT.

Here you can have a little preview: Encounters in Munich

Schwabing Real Estate Report

With the Munich Property Report – Schwabing, we are presenting the first volume of our series of portraits of city districts. The book provides a wealth of facts and figures about the property situation in Munich and Schwabing. Comprehensive statistics inform the reader about the regional capital, its purchasing power and distribution of jobs, the number of investment properties sold, the change in purchase prices and rents plus factors influencing purchase prices. In its main section, the report covers not only the culture and history of Schwabing but also, in particular, the property situation in the district. Detailed information on the current development of its areas and quarters, supplemented by clear street plans, make this an ideal aid to decision-making for potential buyers.

Here you can have a little preview: Real Estate Report Schwabing