Concepts for existing properties

As an owner, you want to know how profitable your properties are – after all, a large part of your assets are tied up in them.

The BOSSELER & ABEKING portfolio analysis will provide you with reliable information here. We examine your property portfolio, determine its profit potential and check the value of your portfolio in comparison with other properties nearby. If necessary, we offer you a restructuring concept, on the basis of which you can modernise your property so that it becomes profitable. As part of a portfolio analysis, we also scrutinise your rental incomes, focusing on the question of how far the current rental income reflects the quality of the building.

To discover what your vision for the future is, a discussion with us, as an independent professional partner can be helpful and save time. If you wish, we can propose interesting additions to your portfolio or recommend the sale of particular properties. Optimising your property portfolio is the aim of our soundly based strategy consultancy service. Because your property portfolio is unique and calls for a made-to-measure strategy.


Valuation of your property

Do you know what your property is worth? For owners, it can be an advantage to have their own portfolio valued. Why not make use of our market expertise and specialist knowledge to find out the value of your properties?

The experienced view of market leaders BOSSELER & ABEKING can really help here.

After we have carried out a location assessment, we offer you an analysis and forecasts of the potential of the district in question. In addition, we assess the potential of your property in terms of letting, sale and value growth.

 For us, a detailed property valuation covers the following stages:

  • analysis of the possible use with suggestions and variants
  • expert investigation of the substance of the building
  • property  assessment as regards adjoining development
  • obtaining all documents and written material from authorities (land register, cadastral survey, development plan, building files)
  • evaluation of documents
  • preparation of an extensive property file
  • determination of market value using different parameters (cash flow, expected profit, building costs, etc.)
  • proposals for improvements (change of use, new construction, etc.
  • analyses of economic viability


Your building in the best hands

You are planning to sell a property and would like to be certain that you are making the right decisions. After all, the stakes are high here, both financially and intangibly. You expect the agent that you trust to be very competent, demonstrably successful, reliable and absolutely discreet. Above all, however, it should be able to find the buyer who suits your property perfectly.

BOSSELER & ABEKING is the expert you’re looking for. We specialise in the professional brokerage of investment properties and enjoy an excellent reputation. This is based on our sound specialist knowledge of property investments and over 20 years of experience in the industry. In addition, we have first-class personal contacts with owners and private investment companies and are independent of banks and corporations.

We would be happy to advise on the sale of your property at all stages and to help you consolidate and grow your investment. Naturally, we also take on regular reporting and documentation of the transaction so that it can be audited later. We act to support you – so why not talk to us?

Real estate development

The future needs a plan

Would you like to build on a site? Or would you like to find out about the future use of a property? BOSSELER & ABEKING is happy to advise you. We

  • prepare sustainable concepts
  • calculate the profitability of a property
  • negotiate with architects, authorities, building companies and financial services providers
  • offer taxation and legal advice

Part of our service also includes an analysis of demand at the location in question. We compare site areas and residential space, plus the sizes and interiors of buildings. In addition, we also advise you on how to market the property on as soon as it is finished.